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We are not accepting any enquiries about Puppy and Pet training.


Dog Agility

New Beginners Agility Enquiries: closed to enquiries

We are not accepting any new enquiries about Agility for beginners. We will re-open the application period approximately six weeks before we take on the next new intake.

If you would like to use our Agility Beginners' Email Alert Service, please click Agility Beginners' Email Alert Service

Agility Enquiries for Experienced Agility Dogs

Availability of a place in Classes 2-6 depends on existing numbers. Dogs and handlers will be assessed prior to being placed in a class. In addition to the details requested, could you also include information about your dog's ability and experience. Include the equipment the dog can do, whether he or she can weave and what Grade the dog has obtained if competing.

To enquire about a place for a dog with some Agility experience, please use the following Enquiry Form


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