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Agility Shows and Events

Letchworth DTC Ring Parties 2024

There are benefits to helping on a ring: you will get plenty of snacks and hot/cold drinks and sometimes you will get a free lunch or a voucher to spend on stalls. You may also receive camping or parking privileges (being closer to the rings) and jumping the queue when running your dog. When we at Letchworth run a ring, we make sure that the jobs are shared around and there are people to relieve you if you have to run your dog or take a break.

If you are attending any of the above shows, please put "Letchworth" or the judge's name in the section on the entry form about ring party to ensure you are allocated to the ring Letchworth are running.

If your dog is not yet ready to compete, you can still help at a show.
Please see below for how to enter a dog "Not For Competition" (NFC).

Letchworth DTC Premier Agility Show

Our Kennel Club Premier Agility show will take place 30th August - 1st September 2024

Huntingdon Racecourse, Brampton, Huntingdon, PE28 4NL

Closing date for entries is 28 July 2024.
Grade changes apply up to 5 August to be notified by 16 August.

Our club show is fast approaching and we will be looking for as much help from club members as possible. The show can't run without you. If you would like to get involved before or during the show, please speak to Sandra.

The timetable is as follows:

If you are able to spare some time to help run the show please offer help to Sandra Edwards (Show Secretary) show.sec@letchworthdtc.org.uk It doesn't matter if you've never been to a show before, other people will show you what to do.

If your dog is not yet ready to compete but you would like to bring it with you, please enter Not For Competition (NFC) see Not For Competition Dogs.

Letchworth Members who help at our show on all three days get:

Free helping runs at our show

Thank you to everyone who is coming to our show and has sent offers of help. If you have claimed free runs then you will be put on the helpers' list for the number of days of free runs: 4 runs Friday and Saturday; 3 runs on Sunday.

To help us with the helpers' list, please let Sandra or a committee member know if there are days you can't help and have claimed free runs (you can reply to this email). We will then not put you on the helpers' list for that day and you can pay for the runs by BACs to the Club account on the days that you aren't helping.

For the show to run we need as much help as possible and the free runs make sure nobody loses money if you miss runs. We hope you don't!

Any questions please ask a committee member or email sandra@letchworthdtc.org.uk

Helping Letchworth Members:
Enter online as you would for any other show and tick the 'I am a member' box. You will be credited with 11 free runs and free camping.

How to Enter and Compete at an Agility Show

Kennel Club Progression

Handlers and dogs start at Grade 1 and can progress to Grade 7. Once you have won out of Grade 1 all subsequent dogs you own will start competing at Grade 2.

Progression is only by clear round wins, not wins with faults (including time faults). Progression cannot be gained by winning 'Special' classes such as Speedstakes, Pairs, Helter Skelter, Steeplechase, etc.

Summary of Grade Progression
Grade Total no. of wins needed Min no. of agility wins to progress
1 to 2 2 1
2 to 3 2 1
3 to 4 3 2
4 to 5 4 2
5 to 6 4 2
6 to 7 5 3

So to go from Grade 1 to Grade 2 you need 2 wins and one of them has to be agility. You could have 10 jumping wins but you can't go into Grade 2 until you have an agility win. Once you have those agility wins you have to move up to the next grade.

When you have your final win to progress, you will stay at your current grade for 25 days. Any shows you go to in this time do not count towards progression, but points can be used for Agility Warrants and Agility Club leagues.

Any shows you have entered after the 25-day period will need to be amended by the show processor to your new grade. Most processors have a function on their website to do this or you can email them.

When you move up a grade, remember to change your dog's grade on all show processors. If you enter a show at the wrong grade it is your fault and you will not be able to run at that show - it happened at the last Letchworth show! You cannot run NFC at a Kennel Club show. There is an area in your Agility Record Book to record your wins to keep track.

Progression through the grades and warrant points are on trust from the Kennel Club.

Agility Warrants

The Kennel Club awards Warrants to dogs that achieve clear rounds and places at Open agility shows. A dog achieving a warrant has letters added after its KC Registered name. An explanation of warrants and the scoring system can be found at:
It is also explained in your Agility Record Book.

Check your Agility Record Book to see how many points each place or clear round is worth. The points required for each warrant are as follows:

To apply for an Agility Warrant, download the application form from the Kennel Club's website.

Agility Club League

As a club we pay for members to be part of The Agility Club. Not only do you receive a magazine every month and can enter Agility Club qualifiers, but your placings can earn our club prizes!

On your online Agility Club account there is an area to name your club. Then you can enter your placings and these are used for your personal listing and linked to the club. There are different divisions the club can be in and we are aiming for Premier! Awards are then given out at the AGM for the individual with the most points in each grade and size and for the top clubs.

https://agilityclub.org The Agility Club website for entering placings.

Schedules and Entry Forms

Schedules for Agility Shows on the Agilitynet website

Show Processors

Not For Competition Dogs

If you would like to come and help at a show and want to bring a dog with you who is not competing, you will need to enter your dog "Not For Competition" (NFC). Dogs must be at least 4 calendar months of age and must be registered with the Kennel Club: either on the Breed Register or the Activity Register.

Activity Register

To register your dog on the Activity Register (for crossbreeds and other dogs not on the Kennel Club Breed Register):

Agility Record Book

Your dog will need an Agility Record Book to compete at a Kennel Club show.

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