Agility Shows and Events

InterClub Match 2017

Letchworth vs. BATS vs. Milton Keynes vs. Wellingborough

At our training venue but organised by BATS. To be held Sunday 12th November 2017 at Mount Pleasant Equine Centre.

Due to each club in the Inter-Club Match being restricted to 120 entries over all classes, some of those who entered the Match may not be able to run in all of their classes. We have tried to give everyone as many runs as possible.

Please collect your ring cards on the day.

Please bring a raffle prize for the Match charity, Keech Cottage Hospice.

Schedules and Entry Forms

Schedules for Agility Shows on the Agilitynet website

Schedules for Agility Shows on the Agility Eye website

Schedules for Agility Shows on the Agility Aid website

ISS logo To enter shows online use the ISS website

ASO logo To enter shows online use the ASO website

To enter shows online use the L&N website

Agility Warrants

The Kennel Club awards Warrants to dogs that achieve clear rounds and places at Open agility shows. A dog achieving a warrant has letters added after its KC Registered name. An explanation of warrants and the scoring system can be found at:
PDF Kennel Club Agility Warrant
It is also explained in your Agility Record Book.

The points for each warrant are as follows:

To apply for an Agility Warrant, download the application form from the Kennel Club's website.

Letchworth DTC Ring Parties 2017

We provide ring parties for other clubs' shows throughout the agility season in return for receiving help from other clubs at our show in September. We have agreed to provide a ring party at the following shows in 2017:

There are benefits to helping on a ring: you will get plenty of snacks and hot/cold drinks and sometimes you will get a free lunch or a voucher to spend on stalls. You may also receive camping or parking privileges (being closer to the rings) and jumping the queue when running your dog. When we at Letchworth run a ring, we make sure that the jobs are shared around and there are people to relieve you if you have to run your dog or take a break.

If you are attending any of the above shows, please put "Letchworth DTC" in the section on the entry form about ring party.

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