About Dog Agility

What is Dog Agility?

Dog Agility is the canine equivalent of show jumping. A handler must direct his dog around a course of obstacles and is scored for both accuracy and time. The types of obstacles used in Dog Agility include: jumps, weaving poles, seesaw, dog walk, A-frame, tyre and tunnels. Good Agility handling requires good timing and the use of voice commands and body position and movements. Dogs of any breed can participate provided they are fit enough.


Agility is a popular sport. Nowadays, Agility competitions can attract thousands of competitors; while there are also popular unofficial shows held across the country.

Types of Agility competition include:
Championship Kennel Club Shows Competitions held under Kennel Club regulations where Championship classes are offered, usually alongside other classes that are open to all. The overall winner of the Championship classes is awarded an Agility Certificate. A dog who wins three Agility Certificates is made an Agility Champion.
Premier Kennel Club Shows Held under Kennel Club regulations and open to all competitors. Include qualifying heats for Kennel Club competitions.
Open Kennel Club Shows Competitions held under Kennel Club regulations that are open to all competitors.
Limited Kennel Club Shows Competitions held under Kennel Club regulations where the number of entrants is limited to a specified number of overall entries or class entries or specific breeds at the discretion of organisers.
Agility Matches Entrants are limited to the members of the clubs participating.
Unaffiliated/Independent Shows Competitions not held under Kennel Club regulations.

For more about Agility competitions, see Agility Shows


Training a dog to negotiate Agility obstacles can take a lot of time and patience! At Letchworth DTC we use motivational, reward-based training methods with the onus on enjoyment for both dog and handler. European turns and gridwork form part of the training offered. Many of our handlers have progressed through the Agility Grades (levels of ability) at Shows. For more information on training, see the Agility Training section.